Digital News Report 2013

Digital News Report 2013

The latest Digital News Report from the Reuters Institute of Journalism at Oxford has released their annual report on digital news consumption habits in numerous countries — including the U.S. The Key Findings review consumption habits of news on mobile phones and tablets, finding and sharing news, paying for news, sharing and participation.

Some major findings include….

  • 33%  consume news on at least two devices. The more devices owned, the more frequently people tend to access the news
  • Smartphone and tablet users in the United States are much more likely to pay for news – even after controlling for factors such as income and interest in news
  • Users of Apple smartphones in the United States were 41% more likely to share news than other digital news users after controlling for other variables.

Please click on the “Key Findings” section to learn more!


The Importance of a Digital Presence

The article from Marketing Land linked below explains the benefits of having an online presence in the internet world. It describes how consumers are more likely to interact with a business that has online credibility rather than a business that has no digital existence at all. This subject is complimentary to impressLOCAL and can be helpful in your sales.